In the same way that Syd’s books are bringing hope and deep positive change to lives of people worldwide, his CD’s, videos and DVD’s have had a powerful impact. Over the years that these recorded lectures have been available, they have been listened to and watched in homes, therapists’ offices, academic settings, company training rooms, and many other venues, including prisons and jails.

As a teacher, it is a very moving experience to see inmates totally focused on a television monitor in a barren prison classroom, with glimmers of hope and tears of relief on their faces, as they absorb what Mr. Banks is sharing.

Seeing the compassion in his face and hearing the soothing quality of his voice helps them feel safe, comfortable and open to new possibilities for themselves.

Such a phenomenon is also reported by an ever-increasing number of therapists across the world. Their observations are unanimous – they have never seen such profound, lasting positive impact on the mental health of their clients as they see in those who are exposed to these audio visual materials that are so relaxing and yet so full of wisdom.

Jan Chipman