Dear Friends,

   During the last year of his life, Syd made a concerted effort to ensure that practitioners and teachers who were using the Principles to serve others, were as well grounded and in alignment with the “true nature” of the Principles as possible. He began a process of certification in order to point the public towards those whom he felt offered the best help possible. Those he certified were noted on his website (on a locator map) along with contact information.

   Since Syd’s passing however, it must be said, that some who were not certified while he was still with us, have continued to grow and in time, have met or will meet his standards. There were some whose work and level of understanding he simply did not know well enough to certify. Naturally, there continue to be new people who become passionate about practicing with the Principles, and who will grow to be as effective as those whom Syd certified.

   The good news to those seeking help is that there is a growing body of practitioners who have a strong grounding in the Principles and are capable of helping people in a deep and meaningful way. While anyone who was honored with a certification from Syd would clearly be a good choice, there are now many more excellent practitioners, in a wider variety of locations who will make a great difference in the lives of people seeking help or learning.

   To assist you with your decision we suggest you read from Syd’s book, The Missing Link, particularly the chapter entitled “Selecting a Teacher”. The following is a quote from that chapter:

   “When selecting a teacher, ask yourself . . .

          Is my teacher a well-balanced person?

          Is she or he happy?

          Does my teacher reflect and demonstrate the quality of life I desire?

   If the answer to any of these questions is no, move on in your journey.”

Best Wishes,

Chip Chipman
Elsie Spittle
October, 2009 Update

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